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2017年12月16日 星期六

常見問題 Frequent Questions

1.不學漢字真的能學會說中文嗎? Is it possible to be able to speak Chinese without learning characters? 

A foreigner might be able to say XieXie ("thank you” in Chinese) from the firs>
 day of arriving Taiwan, but might not be able to write this character after 2 years, which is totally fine. 

Babies naturally learn listening & speaking first, afterwards they learn reading & writing. Therefore, it’s absolutely fine to start with only listening and speaking, the only thing you need to do is to find your paper way of learning. 

2.我完全沒學過中文,這樣直接學對話可以嗎?不用先學一下拼音嗎?I have never learned Chinese before, is it ok to start with dialogue directly? Isn’t it necessary to learn PinYin first? 

We will provide online resource for you to practice Pinyin before the first lesson, you don’t need to know 100% Pinyin to start speaking Chinese. 

就像台灣人學英文,也不用先學ABC字母的發音,就能說Hello, how are you? 一切都取決於教學方法跟練習方法,只要跟著我們的上課步調走,您會發現您開口用中文對話的過程當中,不知不覺就已經把拼音學起來了。 
It’s just as Taiwanese learning English, we don’t need to learn how to pronounce ABC to say “How are you?” It’s all about teaching method and how you practice. Just follow the teachers’ step, you will see how you catch up Pinyin quickly once you start speaking.

3.如果學完這套36小時還想再多學一些,你們還有進階課程嗎? I would like to have something more advance after this 36 hours course, do you have different level course? 

Yes we do. When you are about to finish the course, feel free to discuss your learning plan with our teachers. There are options of learning more daily conversation, or start with some reading and writing. 

4.為什麼你們的學費比大學語言中心高? Why is your tuition higher than university language center? 

We are 3-5 people small group, while university classes open with 6-8 people, even more. 

The benefit of small group is that each student not only gets more attention from the teacher, but also get more oral practice. 

A 90 minutes class divided into 3 people, each person gets 30 minutes. 
A 90 minutes class divided into 6 people, each person will only get 15 minutes. 

At the end, you , you might need to pay for 2-3 more course to get the same amount of practice. 

Studying in a big group makes the learning process longer and slower, and you might end up paying the same amount of tuition totally. 

We know that the time you are staying in Taiwan is limited, your free time after work is even more limited.

 Short, efficient & intensive learning is what you need.

5.我住在台灣,每天走出去就可以講中文了,為什麼要花錢學? I live in Taiwan, I can just practice on the street everyday, why should I spend money for Chinese?

Knowing and knowing how to teach are totally different, it’s just like knowing how to write computer program doesn’t mea one can teach computer programming. 

A non-trained native speaker just know how to speak, but he/she has no idea how to make you improve in an efficient way.

You will spend much time on understanding each other, then end up speaking English. 

Learners need professional methods of practicing, step by step with a meaningful system.

Even a repetition of pronouncing vocabulary requires a well designed practice method to help you remember them quickly and become a natural reaction.

This is why it’s worth it to have a professional teacher, much time and energy will be saved.

6.網路上就有很多免費資源,我為什麼還要花錢花時間去上課? There are so much free resource on internet, why should I pay for lessons?

The final target of learning a new language is to communicate with people.

網路課程固然方便,終究無法訓練人與人面對面溝通的能力。No matter how convenient online course is, it will still be hard to replace face to face interaction.

Online course is perfect for preview and review.

Where you can get immediate feedback and conquer the fear of speaking up is always face to face course. 

7.可以請你們的老師到我們公司上這套課程嗎? Can your teachers come to our office?

Yes, we do provide this course to your office. Depending on your office location, the price will be different. Please write us: conquerlanguage@gmail.com for more detail. 

8.目前這個時段我剛好不能上課,請問還可以開別的時段嗎?The current class time doesn’t fit my schedule, will you open more groups at other time? 

You may make a small group of 3-5 with your friends, we can open new classes for you. 

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