Survival Mandarin Course for Beginners

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2018年1月6日 星期六

Survival Mandarin Course for Beginners

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First of all, welcome to Taiwan.

How is your life going here? No matter how is it going, we want to help you make it better.

Would you like to order any drink and food by yourself?

Would you like to be able to ask for information anytime without asking for your taiwanese friends' help?

Would you like your life to be more independent, variable and more immerse to the taiwanese community?

The key to a better life is to speak Chinese. You know it, you just haven't faced to it.

To "speak" Chinese is much more easier than you imaged. You don't need to spend time on memorizing characters neither writing. What you need is a systematic way to learn speaking.

And this is our specialty.

Follow our teaching method, learn to speak survival Chinese in 30 hours.

Course Content


Handouts and videos designed by our teachers, no need to buy books.

Class Time

Morning Intensive Group:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30-12:00 (2.5 hours per class*12 times=30hours)
August 4th - August 29th.

Evening Group:

Monday, Thursday 18:45-20:15(1.5 hour per class*20 times=30 hours)
August 4th - October 9th.


We have to locations, both are very near to Costco.

1. Li-Peng Classroom
2F, No 98, Li-Peng Road, East Zone, Hsinchu City

2. Ci-Yun Classroom
14F-6, No118, Ci-Yun Road, East Zone, Hsinchu City

Course Features

1. small group: 

3-5 people, get to practice a lot of speaking.

2. speaking and listening training:

We know that you just want to start speaking first, and maybe don't have time for memorizing characters. You are at a right place.

We focus 90% of class time on speaking and listening. After start using Chinese in your life, it will be much easier if you want to learn reading and writing afterwards.

3. teachers with much experience:

All our teachers have been trained to be teachers, with years of experience teaching Chinese as a second language, even in foreign countries. 

We know very well all the process and difficulties of learners, we use our experience to save your time.

4. learn Chinese in Chinese:

More than 80% of the class time will be in Chinese from the first day. Don't worry, follow our special teaching method, you can learn Chinese in Chinese for sure.\

Who is this course designed for?

1. Learners who are starting Chinese from zero or very basic level.

2. Busy full time office worker only have 2-4 hours for Chinese per week.

3. Learners who have more time in the mornings and would like to learn in an intensive way.

4. Learners who prefer to learn listening and speaking rather than reading and writing.

5. Learners who have taken big group (7-15 people) class for several semesters, but still have difficulty to speak Chinese out of class.

6. Learners who have been living in Taiwan for years, don't know how to make the first step of learning Chinese.

7. Learners who aim to use what they learn right away, not interested in learning the grammar points step by step, nor doing dictations day by day.

8. Learners who have spent plenty of time doing language exchange, but ends up with practicing English with Taiwanese because you actually don‘t know how to practice with a systematic & efficient way.

Previous Students' Learning Result

This is how our students speak after the first class of only 2 hours. You can also make it.


Original Price: NT16500 

Early bird Price (paid before July 27th): NT13500 (about 450NT by hour).

Come with a friend, 2 people register and pay together, 500NT discount each will be offered.

Frequent Questions

1. Is it possible to be able to speak Chinese without learning characters?

Yes, absolutely. We have taught many students this way, totally works.

2. I have never learned Chinese before, is it ok to start with dialogue directly? Isn’t it necessary to learn PinYin first?

We will offer you PinYin self-learning resource. In that way, you can take advantage of all class time to practice speaking with our teachers.

3. I would like to have something more advance after this 30 hours course, what can you offer me?

We have different level group class on different days, please feel free to ask our staffs any time.

4. Why is your tuition higher than university language center?

We are 3-5 people small group, while university classes open with 8-15 people, even more.

In a 3-5 people small group, you get teacher's most attention, and you get plenty of oral practice. Whereas in a big group, you spend most of the time waiting for your turn to speak.

We know that the time you are staying in Taiwan is limited, your free time after work is even more limited.

Short, efficient & intensive learning is what you need.

5. I live in Taiwan, I can just practice with a language exchange for free, why should I spend money for Chinese?

Knowing and knowing how to teach are totally different, it’s just like knowing how to write computer program doesn’t mean one can teach computer programming.

A non-trained native speaker just know how to speak, but he/she has no idea how to make you improve in an efficient way.

Most of the time, you spend much time on trying to understanding each other, then end up speaking English.

Learners need professional methods of practicing, step by step with a meaningful system.

This is why it’s worth it to have a professional teacher, much time and energy will be saved.

6. Do you offer course at students' office?

Yes, we do provide course to your office. Depending on your office location, the price will be different. Please write us: for more detail.

7. The current class time doesn’t fit my schedule, will you open more groups at other time?

You may make a small group of 3-5 with your friends, we can open new classes for you.

8. What if I miss some class? How can I make it up?

We will provide you some videos for self-review, and you can also attend other class at our school for make up (2 times for free). How ever, we don't guarantee the class content would be exactly the same.

Invest yourself, make your life like a foreigner who really lives in Taiwan.